Firewall upgrade

I have been running a Ubiquiti Edgemax ERL-3 firewall for quite some time now and although it’s a good device, it does have its limits. So when Ubiquiti announced the new Edgerouter 4 and Edgerouter 6, I was very much interested.

With double the memory, double the CPU speed, SFP port and a built in power supply unit, life looks good 🙂

The upgrade was also fairly simple. Updated the firmware to the latest 1.10.0, restored the backup configuration of the ERL-3 and I was up and running again in no time. The only thing I had to manually do was to add eth3 as this doesn’t exist on the ERL-3.

Performance is pretty good, the whole interface just feels a bit quicker overall. The ERL-3 was handling the maximum up/download speed fine as well so at some point in time, I might do a quick gigabit test in a lab setup.